1079. Letter Tile Possibilities


You have a set of tiles, where each tile has one letter tiles[i] printed on it. Return the number of possible non-empty sequences of letters you can make.

Example 1:

Input: “AAB” Output: 8 Explanation: The possible sequences are “A”, “B”, “AA”, “AB”, “BA”, “AAB”, “ABA”, “BAA”. Example 2:

Input: “AAABBC” Output: 188


1.1 <= tiles.length <= 7 2.tiles consists of uppercase English letters.


回溯法,原理就不多说了。 题意就是一个排列组合的问题,将所有的可能找出来就可以。


class Solution {
    public HashSet<String> set = new HashSet<>();
    public int numTilePossibilities(String tiles) {
        char[] chars = tiles.toCharArray();
        return set.size();
    private static void swap(char[] chars, int i, int j) {
        char temp = chars[i];
        chars[i] = chars[j];
        chars[j] = temp;

    public void numTilePossibilitiesHelper(char[] chars,int i){
        if (i >= 1) {
            set.add(String.valueOf(Arrays.copyOf(chars, i)));
            System.out.println(String.valueOf(Arrays.copyOf(chars, i)));

        if (i == chars.length) return;

        for (int j = i; j < chars.length; j++) {
            swap(chars, i, j);
            numTilePossibilitiesHelper(chars, i + 1);
            swap(chars, i, j);